Combining multiple learners

Tue 04 May 2021 • Boosting, Bagging, Boostraping, AdaboostM1

Predicting wether an email is spam or not using Boostraping, Bagging and Boosting on tree models.

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Gaussian mixture model

Sun 25 April 2021 • EM, GMM, Generative modelling

Expectation maximization of gaussian mixture model.

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Convolutional neural networks

Thu 22 April 2021 • Deep learning, CNN, Computer Vision

Image segmentation of retinal medical images using Convolutional neural networks.

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Thu 15 April 2021 • Classification, Random Forest

Classification using the Random Forest model.

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Thu 15 April 2021 • Clustering, k-Means, PCA

PCA and implementation and run of the clustering algorithm k-Means

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Multivariate Bayesian regression

Thu 15 April 2021 • Bayesian regression, Non-linear regression, visualization

Non-linear regression, Bayesian regression and visualization of the results.

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Data cleaning example project

Fri 06 March 2020 • Data cleaning, Pandas

This project serves only as a showcase of my capabilities within data cleaning and data manipulation in Pandas.

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